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I released this project on International Women's Day on Monday, before the latest news about Sarah Everard were announced. I started working on it in January, before she went missing. It was before The Guardian released shocking statistic that 97% of women in the UK have been sexually harassed. This issue has been around for way too long, and nothing seems to change.

In this project I visualised responses that women provided on what would they do if they felt safe to be out in the streets at all times.

Do I believe that one day in my lifetime, I will feel safe walking late at night by myself? No, sadly, I do not think this will happen. I do believe change is possible in future generations though. I do believe it will shift in my lifetime. I do believe that girls and women that are already born will be able to feel safe walking alone late at night. This really is ridiculous, but all I am asking is LET ME BE. Let me be without worry or fear, without feeling uncomfortable. Challenge men around you, challenge yourself, let us feel safe.

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